Niagara Wineries List

Get the full Niagara wineries list showing you all of the winemakers in this wine region.



If you’re looking for the ultimate Niagara wineries list, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find all of the wineries in our database, arranged alphabetically for your viewing pleasure. We immediately add new wineries that have set up in the area to the list, keeping you informed. If you own a winery that’s not on the list or see a mistake, please contact us and let us know – we are always happy to amend.

Niagara is a celebrated wine region with clusters of wineries just minutes drive from each other. The industry is booming due to the area’s perfect climate and unique soil composition.

Niagara is a popular destination for people exploring wine for the first time. It is more accessible than Europe and provides multiple wine tasting tours year-round. Visitors go there to get away from it all, either solo, as a family, or with groups of friends.

Each of the wineries on the list below has a unique take on wine growing. While their vineyards have similar soils and experience the same weather, the wines that they produce all have a special character and flavor of their own. You could spend a lifetime exploring them.

The Wine Cellars wants you to have the opportunity to find the best wineries in the area. Joining us could be the start of an exciting new journey into the world of wine.