Frequently Asked Questions about our Wine Platform

Have questions about our wine platform?

You can maintain complete control over your account.

We can take care of your account maintenance for you, so that you can concentrate on running your winery.
As an owner, we can connect you with people who may be interested in visiting your winery, while also helping them to find your opening hours and general offerings.
If you want to get the verified badge, then the owner of the winery will need to get in touch with us and prove that they are the true manager. This helps customers to feel confident that they are in fact getting in touch with someone who is the real deal.
You can make any notes about your visit to the winery through your online account.
As a visitor, your notes are private and they will not be shared with the winery or the public.
We make sure that we either manage the account on the behalf of the winery, or we allow the winery themselves to manage it. Either way, when you come through our site, you can rest assured knowing that all of the information will always be up to date and relevant to your stay.
Yes, we have an app coming soon that will give you the chance to access your winery account, or personal visitor account.
Yes you can make reservations through our website.
If you want to get in touch with us, then you can contact us using the online form or by email.